Is the Future of Charging About to Change Forever?

Is the Future of Charging About to Change Forever?
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It was in 1973 when Marty Cooper built the first ever mobile phone. Over 40 years later, he’s now revealed that he’s working alongside a US based company who are looking to resolve one of life’s most annoying problems – your phone running out of battery.

Phone Charging

Powerful Radio Waves

Working with Energous, Cooper has revealed that it is, in fact, possible to charge your mobile phone using radio waves. He says, “Keeping your phone charger around is a real annoyance and I think it's going to be an increasing problem,". By using a miniature transmitter, wireless charging works by sending radio waves that power small electronic gadgets such as hearing aids and other small devices.  

Currently, the technology only works on very small gadgets that have embedded chips and are compatible with Energous technology. Those devices need to be in direct contact with the transmitter in order for it to work. Advancing the technology means that we could soon live in a world where we don’t need a cable to charge out phones.

Revolutionary Technology

Cooper believes that this technology could be revolutionary in the near future. At the moment, companies use different ways to keep devices charging all the time, from Wi-Charge, to lasers that beam power from the ceiling into mobile phones, and everything in between.

With the next phase of this technological advancement underway, CEO of Energous, Steve Rizzone, says that radio wave charging could be available as early as 2017 or 2018.


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