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Motorola Moto G2

In bringing out the Moto G2, Motorola is sticking to a tried and tested format that has worked very successfully in the lower end of the marketplace. The Moto G2 takes the best of the Moto G and then upgrades the niggles that were present in that phone. It looks like customer feedback has worked this time.


The design will remain unchanged with the slight “hump” at the rear of the phone and a flat front end. There is a difference in that you now have a dual front loaded speaker, both used for sound on videos etc., with the one speaker doubling as a mic for calls. It’s much like the HTC One M8 in that respect.


The operating system is Android L, which is a 64-bit architecture, but it doesn’t seem that they are going to take advantage of the extra bits, as the processor is likely to be a Snapdragon 400, with a quad core ARM v7 and Adreno 305 GPU, which all run on 32-bit architecture. It’s a pity really, a lost opportunity.


They have upgraded the rear-facing camera from 5MP to 8MP, and there will be a flash too. I am informed that there will be some sort of front facing camera too. The Moto G had its own problems with dynamic range, low detail and slow shooting. I hope that in this iteration of the Moto G series, we’ll see these glitches fixed or at least improved.

The screen is a 1280x720 pixel number, with 4.5” to play with, which means they haven’t changed this format, and they don’t have to as other formats are on other Motorola phones, and this one works very nicely thanks.

Would I buy it?

Yes, I would. Motorola’s G series has proved to be an absolute winner in the budget end of the market, with rave reviews everywhere. I expect nothing less for this phone.


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