A Great Contender from LG - The G6

A Great Contender from LG - The G6
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Granted, the G6 isn’t as eye-catching than it’s contenders - the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 7 – but it does tick a lot of the boxes that LG have been missing in previous years.

An Excellent Display

The excellent display and reliable camera make it one of the best Android phones currently on the market. With a cracking display at an 18:9 ratio display (basically 2:1) providing a taller panel in a smaller body, the 5.7-inch display is a sizeable increase from the 5.3-inch panel of the G5.

Hey, Good Looking

One of the knock-on effects of cramming a bigger screen into a smaller shell is that the corners of the panel are now rounded, rather than at right angles. A little strange to get used to at first, but it doesn’t take long. This style is, in fact, preferred by many.

For the first time in a long time, LG has created a device that looks attractive and is functional. The lack of a thick bezel instantly draws the eye, and they’ve also ditched that iconic (for all the wrong reasons) metal-sprayed plastic that caused so much controversy on the G5 handset.

Get the Right Case for You

If you’ve bagged yourself the LG G6 and are in the market for a new phone cover, we can help! There are so many phone cases out there to choose from that it can be difficult knowing exactly which one to get. Read on to find out more about some of the cases that we have to offer...

Nillkin Sparkle Series Fashion Side Flip Case Cover

For a sleek and protective phone case that’s not only functional but also smart, look no further than the Nillkin slide flip case. The practical cut out quick window allows a viewing point that displays the caller ID, battery status, time, data, etc. With cut-outs for all ports and buttons for your phone, this case fits perfectly whilst allowing easy access to the functions of the phone.

Fuse™ Aero Brushed Metal Card Case

Not only is this Aero Card Case very attractive, it's also super handy. It's aimed at those whoa re a fan of the hybrid case who also wants to carry a card or bus pass with them. The slot is 2.2mm thick, so a great size for a card or two when you're on the move.

Fuse™ Tactical Hybrid Tough Case

If you're renowned for dropping your phone or have to fork out for a new screen frequently, this case is for you. With a unique cut-out design and easy access to all ports and buttons, this durable and tough case will protect your shiny G6 from most drops. 


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