A Look At The Popular iPad Pro 12.9"

A Look At The Popular iPad Pro 12.9"
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We know that it was two years ago, bu in November 2015, Apple launched its biggest tablet ever - the 12.9” iPad Pro. The world was overly excited at the time, especially since there had been rumours of the launch since 2013. After more than two years in the making, Apple decided it was time to showcase their most powerful tablets to date. The price starts at £729 for the base Wi-Fi model and £939 for the Wi-Fi + LTE model.

Tech Specs

Naturally, everyone expects a product with the word “Pro” in its name to be better than anything seen before, and Apple did not disappoint:

  • 2732*2048 (264ppi) screen resolution - roughly halfway between a Full HD and a 4K resolution. That should be more than enough for daily tasks such as planning meetings, browsing the internet or watching videos

  • 713 or 723 grams, depending on whether you buy the Wi-Fi or the LTE version. It’s not a light tablet, but considering its size and the fact that it has a metal unibody, we’d say Apple did the best they could in terms of weight

  • 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB are the only available storage options. We’re not really sure why Apple chose to skip the 64GB version, as that would have been quite easily the best option for such a tablet.

  • 10,307mAh battery which will easily get you more than 10 hours of continuous web browsing. Unfortunately, when it comes to video playback, the battery life falls short of 8 hours. Naturally, almost nobody will use the tablet for 10 hours straight, no matter what, so overall, it has a great battery life.

Apple Accessories


The new iPad Pro came with two new announced accessories: the Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard. Both of these items used to work exclusively with the iPad Pro 12.9, but the Apple Pencil is now also compatible with the smaller 9.7” tablet as well.

Apple Pencil - it weighs around 20 grams and connects to the tablet via Bluetooth. According to Apple, it has a pressure sensitive tip and a tilt sensitive body. The combination of these two sensors allows for better control over the thickness of your lines, while also allowing you to add shades and other artistic effects

Smart Keyboard - since the tablet is quite large you may want to rely on a fully-functional keyboard when you have a typing job. For this, Apple has launched the Smart Keyboard. It has all the features of a normal keyboard, minus the numeric keypad (which we don’t often use anyway). Moreover, after you’re done typing, you can transform it into a cover for your tablet.

Let us know what you think of the ever popular iPad Pro 12,9"!



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