Griffin Technology: The Survivor Core Case

Griffin Technology: The Survivor Core Case
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Established in 1992, Griffin Technology is a private US-based company that has continued to bring us durable and reliable cases ever since. What started out as a consumer electronics producer, turned into one of the world’s biggest smartphone accessory makers. Their smartphone accessory journey began in 2003 when Apple reached out to them to manufacture peripherals for their iPod. The company’s first accessory was named the “iTrip”; an FM transmitter that allowed the iPod to transmit the audio to an FM receiver. The iTrip was a great success, allowing the company to start its journey into the smartphone accessory market. Over the years, Griffin Technology developed cases, different types of chargers, custom stands, keyboards, and many other mobile phone related accessories.

The Survivor Core Case

One of their most famous and successful accessories are the Survivor cases. Currently, there are more than 10 types of Survivor cases available on the market. Each case packs military-grade materials, offering the best levels of protection on the market.

The Survivor Core case is their thinnest design, while also staying true to its military grade protection. According to the manufacturer and various online tests, phones encased in the Survivor Core can withstand drops from approximately 2 meters or 6.6 feet. Each case is in a snap-on shell design, with no moving parts. It’s easy to apply to a smartphone and even easier to take off. Moreover, the black, slick design allows users to easily match their new Survivor Core case with their style, regardless if it’s casual or more formal.

Sleek Style

The material used is high-quality polycarbonate, ensuring maximum protection against drops and falls. Moreover, the sides of the case are made from TPE rubber, which protects the edges of the touchscreen, meaning no more chips or scratches on the sides of the screen. Every corner is specifically designed to absorb shocks and dissipate them before being able to harm your phone. The TPE rubber used to create these bumper zones is both durable and flexible.

At GadgetWear, we sell Survivor Core cases that are compatible with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone 6S Plus. The cases are black on the sides and transparent on the back, meaning you can still show off your rose gold iPhone to your friends without having to remove the protective case. Get yours now!


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