The Ultimate Workout Playlist

The Ultimate Workout Playlist
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It’s a must for motivation when exercising, whatever your chosen sport or workout. Keeping to a beat or tempo makes you focus more on rhythm than pain, so we’ve compiled the ultimate workout playlist for you to take with you next time you’re getting fit.

Running: Runnin’ (Lose It All) – Naughty Boy

OK, so the chorus on this song is pretty self-explanatory, but it may not be an obvious choice for a high-tempo sprint. In truth the vocals on this song ring true to lots of runners; particularly those who use their runs as stress relief. It’s a great accompaniment to your run no matter the distance or speed.

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Cycling: In The Air – P.N.O

A fast EDM track, In The Air has a solid beat throughout and varying tempos for you to pedal through – whether that be on the track, at the gym or off-road. Your bike will be practically flying through the air when this anthem pops up on your playlist!

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Lifting Weights: Stronger – Kanye West

Complemented by the unique sound of Daft Punk, this release of Kanye’s from 2007 is a classic. It’s not too fast nor too slow but has peaks and troughs perfect for your breathing and hyping up time between lifts. The mantra ‘Work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger’ fits with the ethos of weight training consummately… and it’ll be in your head all day!

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Football: HYPE by Dizzee Rascal

Released as a single last year, HYPE is a seriously upbeat positive tune rapped by Dizzee and featuring Calvin Harris. It’s available on Spotify and appears in pretty much every exercise-related playlist hosted on the service. As Dizzee himself says, “Seems like every time they take a shot they hit the crossbar/And I move like Neymar/Them boys aren’t even on my radar/I do my own stunts, no saviour!”.

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Yoga: Habits (Stay High) – Tove Lo

A strong yet subtle beat, Swedish songwriter Tove Lo’s  2013 release features on many a stretchy-themed playlist, including as a selected track for Les Mills’ famous BodyBalance programme. Stay high in standing and balancing asanas and breath in time to the music to hold your ground and stay strong in position.

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Dance: Dancing on my Own (Tiesto remix) – Calum Scott

Whether you’re dancing alone or with others, this Calum Scott remix will get your feet moving in no time… and may even spark a singalong given the achingly heartfelt vocals! Dutch DJ Tiesto really brings this song into its own with this dance remix.

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