What is it like to attend an Apple Launch Event?

What is it like to attend an Apple Launch Event?
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Images of Steve Jobs and Tim Cook strutting across a stage making announcements on technological advancements to a rapturous crowd are iconic – and it’s this almost evangelical approach to products and their launches that has long differentiated Apple from its competitors in whipping consumers into a frenzy. The latest iPhone announcement is testament to this. Whilst millions watch the events and keynotes online, few actually get to attend. But who does, and what’s it like to be there? Gadgetwear explains all!

Apple Launch Events don’t just unveil new products, but also upgrades, announcements and re-designs. Held in California, US, it’s not easy to get an invite – and the invite often includes next to no real information on it. Only the crème de le crème of mainstream and tech press and media are invited, and often only one or two staff from each outlet. Apple’s invites normally include only a date, time, venue and tagline. The most recent event invite (for September 12th) simply said “See you at our place”, paying homage to the fact that this would be the first press conference to take place in Apple Park, the company’s HQ in Cupertino.

All of Apple’s Launch Events are streamed live on their website, but it seems while you occasionally see the odd sweep of a crowd watching enthralled, the streams rarely give away how many people are actually in attendance. Previous events have taken place in auditoriums homing up to 8,500 guests! This is, however, all set to change. Apple’s own auditorium, the Steve Jobs Theater, hosts up to only 1,000 people – so invites are going to be harder to get hold of and considerably more exclusive than previously!

While sitting and watching the Apple senior management present and announce, it’s encouraged that attendees share their experience and the news live on social media… from their Apple smartphone or tablet, of course! However, it’s a misconception that everyone in the audience is gifted all of the products for free. Whilst some press attendees have access to the products before full general release, in order to publish previews and reviews of them, lots of journalists find themselves queuing in the early hours of the morning alongside everyone else outside their local Apple store to make their purchases before they can publish anything.

If you’d like to attend an Apple Launch Event, you’ll need to bag yourself a job either high up within Apple itself, or at a leading tech media outlet. But if just visiting the place where it all takes place is enough to satisfy your curiosity, you’re in luck: Apple Park in California now has a visitor’s centre! There’s a café, observation deck overlooking the HQ in its entirety, and an Apple Store. Where better to get advice on your device?!

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