Time For A Change? Moto 360 GadgetWear Review.

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Smart phone users in the modern day are always demanding the most from these reliable pieces of brilliance, and it seems now that the giants of the mobile market are starting to flourish and release greater technology in the form of wristwatches.
Gone are the days where the watches main and only function is to tell you the time, or in some circumstances even stretch to tell you the date. Apple are set to crack the market with the release of their Apple Watch, which albeit will probably be at the luxurious end of the price market, but will be the must have accessory. That is unless Motorola manage to capitalise and take advantage of this new market before Apple gets a grip hold.
The brand new Motorola Moto 360 wristwatch is possibly the all in one gadget you will ever need if you own an Android mobile. The wristwatch itself is powered by the Android Wear technology which cleverly links your mobile device to the wristwatch you are wearing. The Moto 360 works with a full range of apps and the all-important functions such as messaging and making calls. Its practicality is absolutely brilliant, you can view all your essential notifications directly on your wristwatch so you will never miss that all important call or text message again.
Android Wear also uses the brand new Google Now function which allows you to speak directly into your watch and ask Google for help or assistance, such as for directions, traffic notices or weather updates.
The design of the Moto 360 is also quite stunning, as it is built around a solid stainless steel circular face, with an easy to read watch face and a classy dark leather strap. The improved battery life should last you the full 24 hour day so it is perfect for the working world and on the go usage. The Moto 360 also boasts an impressive 512MB and 4GB internal storage system. The world renowned Gorilla Glass also covers the interface of the watch, to protect it from water, scratches, dirt and dust. Priced at a very modest and affordable £199.99 delivered via our website, this classy looking gadget could be the breakthrough in this new market sector. Why pay thousands of pounds for a basic watch, when you can have a stunning timepiece on your wrist, that you can also control your mobile device from in an ever changing technological society. Time for a change? Watch this space.
Accessories Included
Wireless charging dock, data/charging cable
Band Style
Black Horween Leather
All day (mixed use)
Yes- 4.0 LE
Case Colour
Dark Chrome
Compatible with
Smartphones running Android 4.3 or higher
Case Width: 46mm
320 x 290 pixel 1.56" Backlit LCD touch screen
Face Shape
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)
Stainless steel case with scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass display and genuine Horween leather wristband
Model name / number
Moto 360
Android Wear
Pedometer, optical heart rate monitor (PPG)
Strap Material
Strap Style
Water Resistant
Water & dust resistant IP67


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