It's Easy To Switch - The SwitchEasy AirMask for Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

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Here at GadgetWear we strive to offer you the best possible cases and protection on the current market across all brands with diverse innovative products. The case your phone wears often identifies with you as a person, as well as safeguarding your precious handset.

Most users spend a fortune on various cases which quite frankly do not offer the elite protection each handset deserves. The SwitchEasy air mask casing range is a quite brilliant piece of protection. The SwitchEasy case range has been marketed as the very first ‘non case’ protection series for the iPhone range. Although the casing is only two thin plastic sticker sheets that attach to the front and back of the phone, you’d be surprised at how effective it can be.

A complete 360 degrees protection coverage of the handset is a brilliant unique selling point as your device is encased in this thin but durable protective skin. Weighing a mere 10 grams and adding only 0.3mm of extra size to the outer layer of the case itself, you will barely notice your cases 100% protection. Created from a specially formulated polymer and polycarbonate hybrid, the casing has tremendous durability and is extremely effective against everyday wear and tear. This means your case will be almost mummified within the SwitchEasy skin, even protecting it from scratches on the surface.

We have a huge SwitchEasy range in stock online and pricing starts at only £19.99. So ditch the other flimsy cases, as you’ll see how easy it is to switch to SwitchEasy once you’ve appreciated the cases incredible innovative design.


·         3H Hardness

·         360° Protection

·         Anti-Slip

·         Super Thin 0.35mm

·         Zero Mistake Protection




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