Three of the Best Nokia Lumia 1320 Cases


The Nokia Lumia 1320 is Nokia’s take on the phablet market, with a 6” 720p HD display and 4G connectivity.  The handset is both light and bright, adding the fun that all Nokia handsets do.  

Even better, the Windows App Store is starting to catch up with that of Google Play and the iPhone app store, meaning that thousands of popular apps are available on the handset.

Whilst the 1320 may have the potential to be the best handset Nokia have made, here’s the best three Nokia Lumia 1320 cases we have available:

Nillkin Fresh Series Leather & Polycarbonate Flip Case

One of the most protective cases we stock, the Leather & Polycarbonate Flip cases combines dual materials to not add extra protection, but to also combine textures for a great aesthetic.

The polycarbonate rear shell keeps the fragile corners and back of the phablet free from damage, should it be bumped or dropped; whilst the soft synthetic leather cushions the display from any scrapes or scratches. Combined these help to keep the Lumia 1302 looking newer for longer.

All ports, features and buttons are accessible when using this case with the Lumia 1320, therefore the handset remains fully functioning at all times.

There’s a great range of colours available with the Fresh Series too: you can go bright with blue or pink, or remain professional with black or white.

Nillin Crystal Screen Protector

The Nillkin Crystal Screen Protector is perfect for those who’d like to keep the phone protected from scrapes and scratches; but still want to admire the look and feel of the phone without a case.

When using a screen protector the back of the case is unprotected though, so if the phone is dropped it’s likely to become damaged.  The opposite can be said for the screen however - this is fully protected from scrapes and abrasions.

The best thing about using a screen protector is that the functionality of the phone remains, as does the screen sensitivity and visibility.  It is always suggested to use a screen protector, with a case for the best protection.

Nillkin Matte Textured Super Shield Hard Shell Case  

Nillkin’s Super Shield Hard Shell Case has a matte finish for improved grip and protection against the daily damage caused by bumps, drops, scrapes or scratches.

The material used on the case is environmentally friendly and combined with high-precision moulding for a single piece case.  The case also has cut outs for all ports and features to ensure that the handset is fully functioning at all times and can be charged without removing the case.

To keep the screen of the Lumia 1320 protected, the Super Shield Hard Shell Case comes complete with an easy to apply screen protector.  This protector keeps the visibility of the display in tact, whilst ensuring no sensitivity is lost.

We’ll be continuing to expand our range of Nokia Lumia 1320 covers over the coming weeks, so keep checking the sites and our Facebook or Twitter for more news.


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