Nokia Lumia 635


Nokia Lumia 635

So here, we have the Nokia Lumia 635, and a decent phone it is too! There is one caveat though, and that is that the only difference between the 635 and the Lumia 630 is that the 635 has 4G LTE and the 630 has 3G, so it really depends on how much speed is important to you. The phone is reasonably light too at 134g.


The screen is 4.5 inches with 854 x 480 resolution. Not stunning, but it definitely does the job required of it. There is a 5MP camera that shoots in 720p, but alas has no flash. The camera incorporates notes, captions, and Storyteller sorts out your pics by location.


The engine for this very good phone is a 1,2 GHz quadcore Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, giving 13.1 hours of talk time, so that should get you through your working day, and perhaps your ride on the underground.

We have 512MB of RAM and 8GB storage, with an additional 7GB of OneDrive storage and a microSD slot for an addition 128GB of storage, so there shouldn’t be any qualms about storage, although you will have to spring for the extra micro SD.


HERE maps are also a feature that can also work offline. It has turn-by-turn ability for just about every country in the World. It has Internet radio in the form of Nokia’s MixRadio, and incorporates Microsoft Office in the form of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Cortana will also be a feature of this phone (think Apples’ Siri or Google Now), and includes points of interest. The keyboard has a very Swiftkey-like operation called Workflow.

We have Internet Explorer 11, with Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Google+ and Twitter already installed. There is a (hopefully) simple way to transfer data from your old phone to the Lumia 635 called Transfer My Data, and it will even sync with iTunes. The phone also has an accelerometer and a proximity indicator.

Up to you...

So there you have it. A very good phone mid-range phone who’s competition will be the Moto G and the iPhone 5c. Check out all three phoens between making your choice. It’s Windows vs Android vs iOS.


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