Samsung Galaxy Z


Samsung Galaxy Z

Samsung’s new Samsung Galaxy Z phone has a trick up its sleeve. It’s the first phone from Samsung to operate Samsung’s new Tizen system. Tizen is based on Linux (as is Android), but you can consider Tizen as being a “fork” of Linux as Samsung go their own way with the system. A plus is that, since it’s based on Linux, developers won’t have a problem developing for Tizen, and users will still be able to access Google Play for apps.


It is expected to hit the stores in Russia in Q3 of this year, followed by the rest of the World, including the U.K. It has a 4.8” super AMOLED screen at 720 x 1280, giving 306 ppi. The processor is a Qualcomm 2.3Ghz quadcore, and it comes with 16GB of on-board storage and 2GB RAM. If you wish to add more storage space, microSD will come to your rescue.


The cameras are 8MP and 2.1 MP respectively. The camera includes HDR, panorama and dual shot, where both cameras go off simultaneously.

The phone incorporates the standard stuff for smartphones these days, including GPS and GLONASS positioning systems, Near Field Control, version 4 Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Category 4 LTE.


What’s interesting with this phone is that it acts as a remote control for suitable Samsung TV's. In fact, that is a direction Samsung want to go, where their phones will act as a remote control for all its appliances.

It also has a fingerprint scanner, a heart rate monitor (S Health), and a textured back so your new baby won’t slip easily out of your sweaty paws. You also have a multitude of colour options to choose from, as long as they are black or gold.

It has multiple home screens, an application tray and a notification tab complete with widgets. It also has an ultra-power saving mode that shuts down everything except your messaging and email. We’ve seen that before on other phones as well.

Have a boost

Another interesting feature of this phone is its “Download Booster” that uses both your Wi-Fi and your network at the same time for downloads. Just watch your airtime, but it’s a great feature.

The phone is aimed at the low end of the market, but I’ll have to see it to believe it. It has some nice features that would sit comfortably in a mid-range phone in the U.K. market. Let’s wait and see…


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