HTC One E8

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HTC One E8

We will shortly have the HTC One E8 in our sweaty paws. And a good thing it is too, as it comes in at around half the price of a HTC One M8 or a Samsung Galaxy S5, with some pretty good specs indeed.


The phone has a 13MP and a 5MP camera back and front, so expect your selfies to come out warts and all. It even provides a countdown facility for your very own selfie. The camera has its own software to fix the odd spot or two too(!) The phone does not have the metal sheen of the M8. Instead, it has a polycarbonate shell that comes in various colours to suit your esoteric taste.

The 13MP camera can shoot in 1080p video, which is a plus, and the camera has 16GB of storage, that luckily can be expanded through a microSD slot in the phone. There is, however, no 32GB of storage as found in the M8, but that is merely a quibble, given that the phone will be about half the price.


The screen is the 5” 1080 x 1920 pixel Gorilla Glass 3 version, and the phone is driven by a 2.5GHz Quadcore processor, with 2GB of RAM included. It also has a 2600mAh battery, LTE and KitKat loaded, so it’s a reasonably powerful phone in the mid-range market.

Dual SIM

The phone can have a single or dual SIM, and it remains to be seen which version the U.K. will get. The dual SIM cards allow you to access multiple mobile accounts and are able to switch on the go.


It has some snappy features, including “Motion Launch”, that, when in standby mode, can detect that you have put the phone up to your ear to answer a call (no more pressing the green key). It also knows when you want to use the camera, by picking it up and tapping the volume key.

HTC Boomsound has dual front-facing speakers with built-in amps that give great sound, and comes complete with software that coordinates bass and treble to ensure you hear the best of everything.

The HTC One E8 also comes with its own overlay, which is version six of HTC’s “Sense” GUI.

Take a look...

Overall, a good phone at what will (hopefully) be a good price too. It has features that only appear on higher-end phones, so give this one a look when comparing…


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