LG G Flex - Caution, Curves Ahead

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LG has come up with a new take on the curved phone phenomenon that is starting to sweep the smartphone World. We have the Samsung Galaxy Round that bends horizontally and now the LG G Flex that bends vertically. You can actually bend the phone more if you want, or crush it flat, and it will still function as normal.

The phone weighs in at 177g with a 720p curved OLED display that is definitely not as crisp as the Galaxy Note 3 or Galaxy Round for example. The design of the phone took reportedly 5 years, and it shows in the price – approximately 630GBP, so you are really going to want a curved screen for that price.


The phone has a Snapdragon 800 chip with a 450MHz Adreno 330 GPU attached. It also has 2GB RAM. There is 32GB of storage on board with no microSD slot. There is clearly going to be a straight comparison to the Galaxy Round, and I’ll deal with that in the next blog. The battery is also curved to fit the phone and is powered at 3500mAh. The Flex certainly fits to your face better when talking with the slight curve moulding to your face and also your back pocket.

Split personality

The phone also has dual app functionality in that you can have different apps playing at the top and bottom of your screen, a little bit like Window’s split screen. The smartphone boasts a self-healing skin that will heal itself after being scratched, and it works too! The scratch will “heal itself” after a few minutes. The phone can also stand up to 88 pounds of pressure applied to it, so it’s a strong beast indeed.


The phone runs Android 4.4.2, and comes with all the Google apps you can think of, including access to the Play Store. There is a clip tray that keeps texts in memory for further use. Answer Me automatically lowers the ringtone when the phone is picked up, and answers the call when held to your face. Voice Mate is similar to Apple’s Siri or Samsung’s S-voice.


The phone also sports a 13MP rear-facing camera that can take resolutions from 1280x960 to 4160x3120 pixels with flash, face tracking and macro focus. You can take a selfie with the 13MP camera too. Video is 1080p with frame rates up to 60fps.

Calls are of consistently good quality and you can get more than 17 hours of playback.


The only two real challengers here are the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Round. Depending on whether you want to spend a fortune and be bleeding edge or have the magnificent functionality of the Note 3 is up to you. Personally, it’s the Note 3 for me.


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