5 iPhone Apps You Haven’t Discovered Yet

5 iPhone Apps You Haven’t Discovered Yet

It’s easy to download the essentials when you buy or upgrade to a new phone, but there’s much more to the App Store than Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. Try downloading some apps that are a little less well known, and you could soon be surprised by new features and usability.

We look into some iPhone apps you won’t have heard of yet but soon will. Read on and download them today! These apps are all compatible with the iPhone 7 and some older models of iPhone.

Word Flow Keyboard (Free)

Word Flow is an alternative keyboard for iPhones that started life as a Microsoft Blaze project. You can swipe or tap your way around the keyboard in a way that’s different to your standard letter, number and emoji input.

Even better, Word Flow will predict your intended words and sentences and auto-correct spelling mistakes for you along the way – perfect for if you’re typing in a hurry. It learns your writing style over time, can read names from your contacts and even allows you to search for GIFs online. You can customise the keyboard to look the way you like and use it to search the internet.

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Lake (Free)

Adult colouring books have been rising in popularity greatly over the last couple of years but Lake is a phone-based version; allowing you to colour in on the go.

Instagram users illustrate the designs and you can choose from colouring books of varying themes to then make the black and white images come to life with some colour. There’s something oddly meditative about it and you’ll find hours are quickly used up with your art.

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FitLink (Free)

You no doubt already have a fitness tracker on your phone, but FitLink works differently. It links in with your existing fitness apps, including Strava, Runkeeper and Apple Health. When a run or cycle ride has been logged on your tracker, it’ll duplicate across to FitLink.

Once it’s logged into FitLink (and you don’t need to do anything for this to happen, it’ll log automatically across) you can download the stats from your activity on the backdrop of a photo from your run or ride. You’ll also begin to earn loyalty points based on the distance of your journey, which add up to heftier discounts than most apps – including 80% off at Sports Direct!

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Patronus (Free)

Formerly known as BlueLight, Patronus is a personal safety app for phone users. It can route you to the nearest security service available – so if an emergency phone call wouldn’t be the fastest way to get help (i.e. if you’re on a University campus), you can seek aid as efficiently as possible.

Patronus also allows you to share your location with trusted contacts when travelling, alerts relevant authorities directly if you need help and gives you two-tap access to emergency help.

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Down To Lunch (Free)

There’s no need to email round all of your colleagues and friends and wait for responses if you fancy lunch-ing with someone else today. Instead, download Down To Lunch and make plans via the app.

You can mark yourself as DTL (Down To Lunch) or just ‘available’ for meals, cinema trips, concerts or hang-outs. Search through others statuses to find who’s around and meet them there – easy!

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