What Your Smashed Phone Screen Says About You

What Your Smashed Phone Screen Says About You
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If you’ve never been there, you’re one lucky… mobile phone user. But if you have, you’re like the 90% of the population who have sheepishly had to walk into a phone repair shop and beg the staff to “please fix my phone screen!” before handing over an inordinate amount of cash for the privilege.

You also likely know at least one other person who constantly traipses around with a broken phone screen, be it just one crack or fully smashed. Do you raise an eyebrow when you see their broken phone or do you not even notice anymore? Do you find people looking at your smashed screen? What does it really say about you?

If or when you do smash your smartphone screen it’s immediately an inconvenience. Thought nine times out of ten your phone still works perfectly, the instant panic and shards of glass grazing your thumb galvanise you straight to Google, to find the nearest fairly-priced repair shop with a quick turnaround. If others spot your phone you’ll find yourself quick to explain and justify – and of course insist that you’re on your way to get it fixed.

So, what does your smashed phone screen say about you? It’s important not to let it become a metaphor for your lift, after all! A survey by Match.com published at the beginning of the year found that respondents admitted they judged someone negatively for having a cracked or smashed phone screen, with Generation X-ers and Baby Boomers the most likely to frown upon. Women were more likely than men to make a snap judgment on someone for a broken screen, and some even insisted that they wouldn’t date a person with a perpetually smashed phone. Strong stuff, eh?

If your smartphone screen is cracked but still usable – perhaps a crack in the corner only, or no sharp jagged edges – and you continue to use it, is this a typical life choice for you? Leaving fundamental basic parts of wellbeing and lifestyle with room for improvement but carrying on regardless.

Or are you leaving your phone screen cracked just because you understand nothing is perfect and nothing can stay beautiful forever? Are you just lazy and ‘can’t be arsed’? Perhaps you’re one of those people who no matter how hard you try to be sensible, somehow you end up acting reckless and messing things up?

However it was that you smashed your screen and whatever your reason is for letting it stay that way, prevent it from happening again; after all, prevention is the best solution! There are a variety of smartphone cases and covers to protect your screen and the casing around it from slips, trips and falls.

Urban Armor’s military-grade range of protective casing is available for a range of phones, including the Google Nexus, Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. All new Samsung models are catered for too, as well as Motorolas, LGs, HTCs, Huaweis and iPhone models. Unfortunately, Urban Armor don’t yet offer cases for Sonys, but Gadgetwear have 11 pages of them to choose from on their site so there's plenty of options.


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