5 Samsung Myths Debunked

5 Samsung Myths Debunked
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The successor to the popular Samsung Galaxy S6, the S7 Galaxy improved on its predecessor in almost every way. Then it started exploding like the Galaxy Note 7, and Samsung was forced to recall 2.5 million units. Since then many ideas have floated around regarding the Galaxy S7 and its current state. Today we’re going to dive into some of these topics and explain how these myths came to be and what the truth of the matter is.

Users would need to buy new Samsung Galaxy S7’s all over again..

Just today, Samsung put to rest the rumours that customers would only be able to purchase new phones. Samsung confirmed that the company will offer refurbished versions of the device for sale or rental. Details are still scarce, but this commitment to improving the customer experience is a welcome sign.

The screen scratches too easily

The Samsung Galaxy S7 came equipped with touted Gorilla Glass, intended to withstand scratches, but unfortunately has not been as good as advertised. But honestly, why rely on the stock screen? A myriad of fully tempered, nigh impervious screen covers and cases are available. Some of our favourites are the Amorous Full Temped Glass (£8.99, Amorous Full Tempered Glass ) and 360 Waterproof Tough Case (£5.99, 360 Waterproof Case ). In addition to a durable screen, this case is dustproof and waterproof to 10m. It even offers superb stylus resistance. Our favorite? The Lunatik Alloy Touch, which produces a finer stroke width than even traditional ballpoint pens (£26.99, Lunatik Alloy Touch).

It would ditch the 3.5mm audio jack

With Apple, Motorola, and LeEco all abandoning the 3.5mm jack, many thought Samsung would follow suit, but thankfully for us, they didn’t. Our favourite headphones? Still the Skullcandy Method In-Ear. These affordable headphones are sweat proof and feature Off-Axis technology so they won’t fall out. Looking for wired headsets instead? The Klipsh Reference One brings 65 years of audio excellence in an affordably stylish Samsung headphones (£39.95, Klipsch Reference One).

The battery would be diminished after the recall

By all accounts, battery life on the new models is identical to the original release. With an on-the-go lifestyle, we find Samsung’s official Adaptive Fast Charging Car Charger to still be the best on the market (£12.99, Samsung Car Charger with Micro USB Cable ). This car adaptor charges the phone to 50% in just 30 minutes and works with the Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 4 and later models of the Galaxy S and Note series.

The Final Verdict

The myths that have circulated about the S7 are largely unfounded. We hope the accessories we’ve covered demonstrate the versatility of the phone and make you proud to own one of these wonderful phones.


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