5 Sports Phone Accessories that will help you Work Out

5 Sports Phone Accessories that will help you Work Out
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Smartphone armbands will keep your phone in place while you work out

As the weather warms and summer hits, there’s less excuse than ever not to be out and about and exercising outside! Even on a cloudier day or when it’s too warm not to be in an air-conditioned gym, there’s lots of ways you can get active through spring and summer. And why not take your device with you? Here’s our top 5 sports phone accessories to help you work out!

1 Wireless Headphones

Whether you’re running, jogging or power walking, outside or on a treadmill, lifting weights or working out, it’s imperative that your wireless headphones stay put in your ears – and don’t wobble, dislodge or fall out!

We recommend the HB-QY8 Wireless Bluetooth Running Headphones, which can play and pause with just a touch to the ear. They’re perfect for the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL, and Samsung ranges (Galaxy S7/S7 Edge/SG Edge/Note/J5/J3/A5).

If you’re a use of the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Sony Xperia range, or Huawei P9, a Sports Running Headset with Mic may suit you better – so you can talk mid-workout too!

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2 Wired Headphones

Even if your phone doesn’t deal with Bluetooth connections well and you need wired headphones, there’s nothing more off-putting than headphones that aren’t quite snug; you still don’t want them to fall out!

We stock both official Apple and Huawei earphones, so you can ensure the perfect fit whilst working hard.

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3 An Arm Strap to keep your Phone in place

To listen to music when moving, it’s important that your headphones can’t snap out at the slightest move and that you don’t inadvertently smash your phone to the floor. Your best bet is to strap it to your bicep (whilst not curling it, of course).

Peapod do a range of flexible armbands for holding your device in place; for the iPhone 5 and 5S, 6 and 6S, 7 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S7. Rock Moc do a great Universal Smartphone Armband that’ll work regardless of manufacturer; perfect for your Motorola, LG, Nokia Lumia or HTC!

4 A Sport Strap for your Apple Watch

If you’re an Apple Watch owner, using the Workout App alongside Health is the key to mapping and tracking your workouts without the need to install any other apps or buying another watch to track fitness. But, your business-style strap isn’t going to cut it here!

The Sport range of straps are made from high-performance fluoroelastomer for a clean fit and wipe-clean watch. They look great too, and there’s a colour to go with every bit of activewear in your wardrobe!

5 A Protective Case for your Phone

Regardless of what exercise you’re doing, if you’re taking your phone for the ride you need to be extra careful not to drop and smash or bash it along the way. Accidents happen, though, and so if your smartphone does fall, you need to make sure it’s protected as much as possible for a safe landing.

Your best bet for comprehensive protection is Under Armor’s military-grade range of cases. You’ll find cases for all the major phone manufacturers, alongside some tablet devices. There’s no need to take unnecessary risks on what’s probably the most expensive gadget you own – but no need to stay indoors and inactive either!


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