Universal Accessories you NEED for your Phone

Universal Accessories you NEED for your Phone
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No matter what your phone is, there’s a range of accessories available that are ‘universal’ – that is, they’re compatible with most, if not all, smartphones on the market. There’s several great accessories on offer in the Gadgetwear store so read on for our top picks – no need to fork out for expensive manufacturer-branded products!


There’s no need these days for a separate sat nav device anymore, as most smartphones can handle a Maps-based app to get you where you need to be. Mounts to hold your phone up and away from you (remember – no touching it whilst driving!) fit around your phone no matter the size or shape. We recommend the Dash Crab FX holder to mount onto your windscreen or the Mobius Air Vent holder to slot in to the vents on your dashboard.

There’s lots of sat nav apps out there, but you’ll find great existing maps functions on Google Pixels, Samsung Galaxy models, and the Moto G4 Play. No matter the model of your phone, visit out In Car Accessories range to shop.

Cables and adaptors

Most phones at the moment either have a lightning or Micro-USB connector.

Despite popular misconception, you don’t need to use an ‘official’ cable or adaptor from your phone’s manufacturer. The connections are universal within their type and can be used with a range of adaptors to connect your phone up to your laptop, desktop PC, TV or other devices to allow you to back-up your content or watch/look at it on other screens. There’s plenty of brands other than your (often pretty pricey) manufacturer’s cables that work just as well.

Sport accessories

As summer hits, there’s less excuse to not get out and about and active, and there’s loads of ways your phone can come along for the ride. Plug into your favourite tunes whilst running or exercising with the ROCK Moc armband and use their Magnetic Bike Mount to navigate whilst out cycling.

Photo tripod

Lots of smartphones now come with fantastic camera capabilities – including the iPhone 7, Sony Xperia range (m5/x/z3/z5/XA/Xz), Nokia Lumia and Google Pixel XL. The Huawei Mate 9 has a double-lens Leica-branded camera included.

You can use your phone for more than just selfies – set up your perfect shot properly with the iStabilizer Tab Mount tripod to really give your photography a professional edge.

Cases and covers

Fascia cases for phones aren’t often universal, as they’re designed for your phone’s exact design. However, there’s a range of cases to protect your smartphone from the rough and tumble of being in your pocket/phone/suitcase that really are one size fits all. The Qialino leather wallet range are designed by size rather than shape, so will fit a whole range of phones; as well as your cards and essentials!

Docks and stands

If you’d like your phone to be sat up so you can use it and see alerts whilst you focus on something else, for example at a desk while you’re working, we’d recommend investing in a HOCO Metal Desk Stand. It’s smart and compact, and can expand out to house bigger phones or even small tablets. It’s the perfect desk companion for models with big screens, like HTC and LG phones.

Stylus and pens

There’s lots of reasons why people can’t use touchscreens as intended – whether it be an undelying issue with their fingers, long nails or just comfort. Instead, there’s a variety of stylus and pen options available. Ditch the digits!




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