Brand Spotlight – Ballistic Cases

Brand Spotlight – Ballistic Cases
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Do you often drop your phone? Are you fed up of having to fork out for a replacement screen? Is your phone covered in scratches and scuffs due to its many tumbles? If your answer to these three questions is yes, you may want to look at investing in a phone cover that can keep your phone protected no matter how many times it falls out of your pocket.

We’re assuming that if your answer was yes to the above questions, you haven’t heard of the brand of phone cases known as Ballistic. Brought into the market over 20 years ago, Ballistic engineers and designers have continuously devoted themselves to growing groundbreaking device protection as well as perfecting it. Through experience, ingenuity and design, Ballistic has created some of the most durable, innovative cases which are used by many.

Ballistic Cases - 6 Sided Drop Protection

6-Sided Drop Protection

All Ballistic cases are designed with a protective technology known as the 6-sided drop protection. This may be a new concept to you, but for Ballistic and their users, this technology has been around for a long time. It ensures your phone is covered from all sides since they tend to land on their corners more often than any other part. Therefore, Ballistic has reinforced their cases with shock-proof silicone bumpers. Wow!

At the moment, you can find seven different series’ of Ballistic cases on the market. They range from sleek and sexy to rugged and tough and are each designed using the most advanced protective technologies on the market.

Ballistic Raised Lips and Edges

Protective Technology

The Ballistic Corners® have been specially designed so that they don’t interfere with access to earphone and charging ports. The raised lips and corners that you’ll find on all cases means that your screen will never touch the surface when dropped or even laid flat on a table. Believe it or not, but all Ballistic cases are engineered to withstand a drop of up to 6ft. Impressive! They’re also built to last, from their impact-resistant screen protection, polycarbonate shell, or soft resilient silicone.

Ballistic Cases - 6ft drop protection

It’s safe to say that when it comes to protecting your handset, Ballistic has it covered from android to iPhone. Not only that, but many of the designs are attractive and look good in addition to serving a purpose. If you think your phone could benefit from a little protection from a mighty case, check out the stock on our Ballistic Brand Page.

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