What Do We Know About Apple's New iPhone 7

What Do We Know About Apple's New iPhone 7
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Many claim that the iPhone 6 is the best Apple handset to be released, so how could the iPhone 7 be any better? We’ve got all the information you need about Apple’s new handset.

Rumours suggest Apple has apparently undergone a massive overhaul when it comes to the iPhone 7, so we’re bound to see some drastic new changes. Could this one finally offer more power than its predecessors? What will its design look like? What are its main features? Let’s find out!

iPhone 7 News

Leaks, Rumours and Reports

First of all, the new iPhone is set to be released in September 2016 as this is when previous models have arrived (the second week of September to be exact). While there is no set price of the new handset, it’s likely to cost around the same as the 6S when it first came out.

The Design of the iPhone 7

Some say the iPhone 7 is to be of a completely different design compared to the 6S. We’re unsure of exactly what it will look like, but other sources say that it may, in fact, have a similar design to the iPhone 6S, but will be slightly slimmer due to the new LCD panel. We'll need to wait and find out!

With a new waterproof Samsung handset having just been released, many thought that Apple would do the same and release a waterproof, or, at least, water resistant iPhone 7. However, the some reports suggest that this is not the case.

Built to Last

Many people have expressed their frustration in the past that Apple handsets don’t seem to offer longevity in terms of battery and life expectancy. However, we could soon be seeing an iPhone that’s been built to last and is more robust with a longer battery life. Rumours suggest that it could also be the thinnest iPhone ever, as there will be no headphone jack. But does this mean we’ll receive wireless headphones? We hope so!

In addition, the iPhone 7 is suggested to be a much sleeker device with a smoother finish. The camera bump which can be found on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will be removed from the iPhone 7, making the casing of the phone completely flat.

iPhone 7 screen

DigiTimes recently claimed that the iPhone 7 would feature a huge resolution jump. The claims open up the possibility of a QHD or possibly even a 4K display.

If Apple does go for a higher resolution, the screen may even get bigger too, especially as rival handsets are continuing to grow in size.

iPhone Rivals

There are some pretty impressive handsets on the market from rival companies, so it will be interesting to see how the iPhone 7 matches up.

What do you think the new iPhone 7 will be like? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.


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