Protect Your Phone with the Right Case

Protect Your Phone with the Right Case
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We’ve all experienced the heart palpitations that come with dropping your phone on a hard surface. For those drawn out three seconds, you may think to yourself “why did I never get around to getting that case!? I hope my phone is OK!”. Then, it’s the moment of truth as you slowly pick up your phone scared to look at the damage.

If you know what we’re talking about then you really should think about getting a cover that not only protects your phone from those inevitable drops, scrapes and scratches but is also sleek and stylish. At Gadget Wear, we’ve put together a list of some of the best cases for your phone no matter what make or model you have.


Olixar cases come in a range of colours for most brands of mobile phone from Sony to Samsung. These tough cases are moulded specifically for any handset you have and will protect from everyday bumps and scrapes.

Olixar Cases

The mobile phone cases provide great protection from drops and bumps as they are made from impact-resistant polycarbonate exoskeleton. In addition, they come in a comfortable to hold, ergonomic design with a textured finish. If you want to watch something on your phone, the case also has a stand that flips out for landscape viewing.

Olixar not only do case, but many other innovative products for the mobile industry.

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Nillkin Sparkle Case

Nillkin Sparkle Series

The Nillkin sparkle case comes in a range of colours for a selection of various handsets. Not only are the bright colours of the cases good to look at, the flip leather case protects your entire phone including the screen. The front casing has a window so that you can see the time and any notifications. These cases are very reasonably priced, so get your today before they’re all gone!

See all the Nillkin Sparkle cases we have


Verus/VRS Design Cases

VRS Design / Verus Cases and Covers

If you’re looking for a tough dual-layered hard-shell case with a comfortable and soft rugged cover, look no further than the Versus phone covers for iPhone, Samsung, Nexus etc etc. Protect your phone from scratches, knocks and drops with these cases that has been designed with both form and function in mind.

Not only are the cases in this range protective, they are also very attractive, featuring a two-tone design. You can still have access to all of the ports such as the charging connector and camera.

Check out the range of cases and accessories that we have on our website. We have something to suit everyone!

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