First Rumours on the Upcoming iPhone

First Rumours on the Upcoming iPhone
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The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were released on 16th September. Of course with the release of any new phone, there was a lot of excitement surrounding the release with people pre-ordering in huge numbers. Only three months on and there are already rumours about the upcoming iPhone 7s. This is another exciting time as we all know that the Apple handsets that end in 's' are the top of the line. With this mind, we're not surprised at the quality of the rumoured technical specifications.

Let’s take a look at the rumoured specs and how they differ to the current generation of iPhones:


If the rumours turn out to be true, we’re looking at the first iPhone to ever have an SD card slot. That’s great news, especially for the iPhone users that opt for the one with the smallest available internal storage. Instead of having to delete your photos and videos, or uploading them to the cloud, you might now be able to simply buy an SD card and store on there.


According to the rumours, the front facing camera will have the same 7MP we’re already accustomed to. The change comes with the upgrade of the rear camera. A whopping 24MP camera is going to be fitted on the new iPhone 7s.


There’s a somewhat direct connection between the size of the battery and the time between two consecutive charges. The rumour is that the new iPhone 7s is going to have a 3300mAh battery. That’s a 400mAh difference to the iPhone 7 Plus. Judging by the fact that the iPhone 7 Plus already has a very long-lasting battery, hopes are high!


If all these technicalities don’t impress you, here’s the real treat...the newest features of the iPhone 7s is a new retina scanner that will be seamlessly integrated with the Apple Pay feature and a 3D display. This will not only boost the display but also the photos and videos. If that’s not something to be looking forward to, we don’t know what is! Watch this space!


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