Up Your Selfie Game with the Right Accessories!

Up Your Selfie Game with the Right Accessories!
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Believe it or not, the first selfie was taken over 150 years ago in1839. Granted, it wasn't the same as the style of selfie we commonly see today. If you've ever owned a camera phone, you'll know that the concept is simple; pout, pose and snap!

It's certainly more common for selfies to be taken on smartphones but in order to take great ones that are Instagram ready, you might want to invest in a few accessories. Here are some of the best phone accessories that will definitely improve your selfie game - handpicked by us.

Olixar Selfie Pole

The quality that a selfie stick provides is certainly worth using one! The Olixar Selfie Pole is one of the most affordable selfie sticks on the market. The handle has a good grip and a built-in camera button. Pair it with your phone’s Bluetooth and you’re set. Moreover, the holder clamp at the end of the stick is adjustable, meaning you can almost certainly fit your smartphone there without issues.

Joby MPod Mini Tripod

Technically, you won’t be holding your phone anymore, but it will still be able to take a good selfie! The smartphone tripod made by Joby is by far one of the best one on the market; it's extremely flexible, making it easy to set it up anywhere. 


There are of course a number of other helpful accessories that will help you create the best selfie! Simply take a look at all of our great products at gadgetwear.co.uk!


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