New Year, New You - Mobile Accessories for 2017!

New Year, New You - Mobile Accessories for 2017!
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Happy New Year! As always, Christmas and New Year have come and gone in a flash. At Gadget Wear, we hope that you got more than just an enlarged waistline from overeating pigs and blankets this festive season! If you got a shiny new gadget, and want to find out what the best mobile accessories of 2017 will be, you're in the right place. 

Sporty Accessories 

Overindulgence is one of the best parts of Christmas which is why many of us make the New Year's resolution to get fit and healthy. If this is something that you've vowed to do in
2017, you should consider getting some mobile compatible accessories that will help you get on the right track. 

Our Peapod Sports Armband Case for Apple iPhone 6 & 6S is excellent if you want to listen to your favourite tunes while working out, but have nowhere to store your phone. It simply attaches to your arm and off you go! 

Consider getting yourself some new sporty headphones with our excellent Q10 Wireless Bluetooth Sports Stereo Earphones! They simply attach to your ear with no fiddly wires as they are completely controlled by remote control!

 Keep Your Phone Charged 

Nobody likes it when their phone runs out of battery - especially when out and about. So this year, you should consider getting yourself an accessory to keep your phone charged on the go. At Gadget Wear, we have a selection of great items that will keep your phone running all day long.

This Noosy Universal Qi Wireless Charging Pad in black is a fantastic way to charge your device quickly and easily. Simply place your phone on the pad, and voila, your device will start getting that all important juice!

We have a range of nifty accessories for most mobile devices, so please feel free to take a look around the Gadget Wear website!







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