How Will Brexit Affect Roaming Charges?

How Will Brexit Affect Roaming Charges?
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It’s been a vote that has divided certain parts of the nation and with many changes approaching, there’s a lot to question. However, you may be planning a holiday abroad or popping to somewhere in Europe to catch one of the Euro games and wonder what leaving the EU means for roaming charges. If so, worry not, as we’re on hand to help.

For a start, it may be an idea to switch of data roaming and stick to Wi-Fi. However, this isn’t’ always an option and if you're getting a hard time from the other half for not keeping them updated or want to say hello to mum, you may need to keep data roaming on.

Brexit Phone Roaming

A Change in EU Roaming Charges

Due to pressure within the EU, the costs of using your phone in Europe has plunged in recent years. With this in mind, under EU rules, roaming charges were due to be abolished entirely in June 2017. However, this is now up in the air and whether or not this will still happen, is questionable. Presumably the UK government will cease to implement EU directives very soon which means that we may see a rise in EU roaming charges.

You’re Okay for Now

If you have a holiday in the next few months, you’re roaming charges will remain at the current amounts which are:

  • Outgoing voice calls – the domestic price plus £0.05
  • Incoming voice calls – the domestic price plus £0.01
  • Outgoing texts – the domestic price plus £0.02
  • Data per megabyte – the domestic price plus £0.05

Whether or not these prices will remain is under question with the recent Brexit vote, so always check with your provider before leaving the country to play it safe!


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