Must-have Accessories for the Google Pixel

Must-have Accessories for the Google Pixel
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It took years of speculation and anticipation until Google announced their first foray into smartphones with the Pixel and Pixel XL models. Announced in October 2016, the Google phones focused on their cameras, which were by far the best on the market at the time of launch, only later being surpassed by the HTC U11 (and even then, only just!). Yet the camera isn’t the only exciting feature on the phone, there’s lots to put to good use. We’ve found the best accessories for the Google Pixel around and list them all here…

Protective Casing: Urban Armor Gear Plasma Rugged Case

Your Google Pixel is likely one of the most expensive belongings that you carry with you at all times, so it’s important to keep it safe. A military-grade case that’ll protect your phone from bumps, scuffs and drops, this composite case provides structural rigidity in a feather-light casing.

All buttons and the finger-print reader are still easily accessible, but they’ll be much better protected in an Urban Amour case.

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Screen Protector: Nillkin Anti-Glare Screen Protector

So you’ve protected the outer casing of your phone, but what about the glass screen? A broken screen doesn’t just make for a disruption but also can be a serious expense, so it makes sense to keep it safe against cracking or smashing.

The Google Pixel models have fantastic graphic displays and cameras, so the anti-glare element helps ensure you can see in HD even in the brightest of lights.

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Car Mount: Auskey Universal Air Vent Car Mount

Being able to say “Hello Google” wherever and whatever you’re doing is a huge perk of having a Google smartphone. The GPS app on Google Maps is brilliant too, so you can navigate your way and get info on the go.

The Auskey Universal Car Mount slides into your car’s air vent and holds your phone in place so you can look at it without having to take your eyes off the road for too long, and without ever having to touch it.

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Selfie Stick: Olixar Selfie Smart Pole

To take full advantage of the fantastic camera capabilities of the Google Pixel, you’ll need to be able to snap a stupendous selfie. The Olixar Selfie Smart Pole is compatible with Android 3.0 or later and comes with two mount sizes – so even the Pixel XL is catered for.

Shock absorption technology means that even if knocked, your phone will still be able to take the perfect picture.

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Cleaning Kit: Olixar Smartphone Cleaning Travel Pack

The perfect companion for travelling, the Olixar Smartphone Cleaning Travel Kit can buff out finger-marks and smudges without smears and will get your touchscreen back to perfection.

A microfibre cloth can mop up any grease and dirt without leaving residue behind and will keep your screen clean for weeks.

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Speaker: Yoobao Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker

There’s plenty of room on your Google Pixel to store and stream your favourite music, so why not make an event of it?

The Yoobao Bluetooth Speaker connects with your phone and can amplify your playlist to as loud as you like. It’s portable and rechargeable so perfect for parades, parties and get togethers, both indoors and out.

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Whatever accessory you need for your Google Pixel or Pixel XL, Gadgetwear will have something for you. Select your model of Google smartphone and shop away on the Gadgetwear site.


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