The Release of Nougat

The Release of Nougat
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Android 7, also known as Nougat was officially launched this month. It’s Google’s latest OS version, and has a ton of new features that we can’t wait to get our hands on. Initially, it will only be available on Google Nexus phones, but other manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, and Sony have announced that they’re already working on their own versions - so expect to see more updates rolling out in the next couple of months. Luckily, thanks to Google’s new approach to launching their OS, developers, we’ve had had sneak-peeks since March.

What’s New?

Google claims that the new Android Nougat will come with improved customizability, allowing users to create interfaces that are closer to their personality, and a better fit their day-to-day usage experience.

We know that not everyone likes them, but Android Nougat comes with 72 new emojis that will complement the already existing 1,500.

The quick settings options are now virtually limitless because the new OS offers full customizability regarding the placement of the icons. Instead of just allowing the user to add or remove quick settings, Android Nougat now allows users to also change the order in which the settings are listed.

Productivity has always been one of Google’s top priorities, not only with their OS. The latest version offers new multitasking options in the form of ‘multi-window’, ‘quick switch’, and ‘direct reply’. These options will make it easier for users to interact with their apps, emails, instant messaging apps, and more.

User Experience

According to Google developers, the new OS will also be more immersive. It offers support for the latest Vulkan API and Google’s own Daydream. Making full use of Vulkan’s power will allow smartphones to offer a better 3D experience in games and apps. Moreover, Daydream - which is Google’s own approach to mobile virtual reality, will launch this autumn, bringing a better VR experience to smartphones around the world.

Security is not only the concern of users but also that of developers. The Android Nougat comes with improved security measures. Moreover, it will offer new encryption methods for developers to use when designing their launchers and applications. What’s more interesting is the fact that newer Android phones that will be running the Nougat will be able to update themselves without the need to reboot the phone. No more waiting for that pesky Android update without being able to use the phone.


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