Why We Love the Galaxy S7 Edge

Why We Love the Galaxy S7 Edge
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Released earlier this year, many continue to love the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. With its 5.5-inch, quad-HD display and 4GB RAM, it’s one of the most powerful on the market at the moment. Throw in its impressive 12MP camera with improved auto-focus and 3,600mAh battery and we have ourselves some form of super phone!

Samsung S7 Edge

If you were getting bored with the staple design and functionality of the Samsung Galaxy S range, look no further than the S7 Edge. With a gorgeous curved display and almost every high-end spec under the sun, the curvier version of the S7 is water-resistant and has the best camera on any phone we’ve seen so far – exciting times!

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Design

The handset is sleek and sexy featuring a metal and glass exterior, available in black or gold. The S7 Edge not only trumps its predecessors in terms of style and design but also in the way it performs. Yes, the S5 was also water-resistant, but with all the other specs that the Edge has to offer, it comes out trumps – even with anything similar to it on the market, it’s a winner.

The Details

On the outside, the S7 Edge looks very similar to its predecessor. However, it’s cleaner and smoother with a metal rim is between two strips of Gorilla Glass 4, a lock switch on one side and separated volume keys on the other. The back is almost completely smooth, with a now flush camera sensor, heart rate monitor and the sleek Samsung logo. There’s a microSD slot as well as a microphone and the headphone jack is on the bottom (hallelujah!).

Check It Out

If you haven’t yet been lucky enough to play around with one of these handsets, try and do so as you won’t regret it. On the other hand, if you have one and would like to pimp it out with some of the very latest accessories, click here.


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