What We Know So Far: iPhone X

What We Know So Far: iPhone X
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Is the iPhone X the Sexiest Handset Yet?

The iPhone X may be sleek and sexy looking but it does it live up to its looks? The huge price tag is leaving Apple fans excited at the prospect of a sensational iPhone but it’s also intriguing to learn why it’s so much more expensive than previous models.

Let’s take a look at what it offers and what eager Apple fans can expect with its release this November.

Big, Beautiful Screen

On first glance, the pros are that the screen and interface are excellent, and really fair up well against current competitor models. The stylish glass design is featured throughout with glass on the on front and back. A stainless steel frame offers good grip and possible durability while being water-resistant means that you don’t need to worry too much about playing with your new phone near water.

The huge screen comes in at 5.8-inch and offers an OLED edge-to-edge display. It also boasts a 2436 x 1125 pixel resolution (458ppi) providing users with crystal clear displays for interactive use. The attractively large screen allows users to engage with their handset on a new level, enabling them to enjoy iOS features and app engagement on a higher level than is possible on previous models. What’s even better is that if you are willing to spend the money on a special cable, your new iPhone X is capable of fast charging. A bezel-less 5.8-inch screen comes across as rich and smooth in colour as it extends right down to the bottom of the device – something that we’ve really only seen on Samsung Galaxy devices thus far.

High-End Price Tag for a High-End Device

The fact that this handset it the most radically designed iPhone to date is incredibly exciting. However, the dramatic change in design (first big overhaul in ten years!) doesn’t come cheap at around a whopping £999 – the most expensive iPhone handset ever made. On the outset, it’s clear to see that this device isn’t one for those who like continuity with their products; something which Apple users have grown accustomed to. It’s been revived, modernised, and is truly ready to compete with its competitors.

Great for Snap Happy Users

To many, it may not seem like much has changed in terms of camera specs as the new handset still offers a 12-megapixel, f/1.8 aperture for the main rear camera, there are important advancements to the main camera, meaning that it should take better photos than ever before. For a start, Apple promises 83% more light in the photos and 36% more light for the second rear sensor – something which we haven’t seen before on an iPhone.

Possibly, what's more important, is the second rear camera, which allows both optical zoom in photos and Portrait Mode, now has Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS). Watch This Space Due to be released on 3rd November, die-hard fans of Apple iPhone devices must wait just a little while longer before being introduced as what’s being described as the most luxurious iPhone handset ever.


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