Which of the rumoured iPhone 8 features are likely to actually happen?

Which of the rumoured iPhone 8 features are likely to actually happen?
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The iPhone 8 is expected to be announced and released to mark Apple’s 10-year anniversary of creating smart phones, and needless to say, rumours about its release are rife. At the moment, Apple have yet to comment at all on the release of the iPhone 8 so everything is speculation. It’s expected that the ‘big reveal’ will take place on September 12th and that the phone will be similar, but souped up, to previous models. Various media outlets and discussion forums are making predictions as to the phone’s features and specifications left right and centre… but how realistic are these predictions? Can we really expect them? Gadgetwear investigates!

The Name

We are assuming that the new phone will be called the iPhone 8, following in the footsteps of the numerical order the phones have taken thus far. But, this is the first big anniversary for Apple and so it may be they change things up – we could be looking at the iPhone X, iPhone D (for decade!), iPhone Pro, or iPhone 10!

3D Facial Recognition

Following on from the popular fingerprint sensor to unlock the more recent models of iPhone, this could be taken to the next level in line with other manufacturers. If Touch ID is removed, it seems a backward step to revert just to a PIN code, so we could more likely expect iris or facial scanning. It seems that there are security concerns no matter how phone manufacturers choose to unlock their models, but with a decent front-facing camera, iris or facial recognition seems quite likely.

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No Home Button

The single home button has been the domain of iPhones since the very first incarnation of it, but as screens have grown in size, the button has decreased. The iPhone 7 Plus has a 5.5-inch screen and if the new iPhone is to be the same, the home button may need to be removed to stop the model overall becoming too bulky. Could this be the end of the home button?

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OLED Screen

Perhaps the most likely of all of the rumoured features, an OLED screen being introduced has been discussed by a number of credible tech media sources. This could be a huge benefit to battery life, as OLED screens produce their own light and don’t require backlighting. This also allows for truer and brighter colours, and a deeper black, as each individual pixel can be turned off.

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