5 Things You Didn’t Know Your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Could Do

5 Things You Didn’t Know Your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Could Do

The Samsung Galaxy range of smartphones and tablets have been one of the most successful and popular ever, but all may not be as it seems. There’s some hidden tricks your Samsung mobile can do that you probably haven’t spotted yet. Give these a try and unlock the hidden potential of your Galaxy!

  1. Give you direct access to S Voice Assistant

The S Voice feature is the Siri, Cortana and Hello Google feature for Samsung. S Voice can make calls, send messages, search online and pull off information from your apps in the same way that other voice-activated assistants can.

S Voice is most easily activated through the home button. Open S Voice > Settings > Open via the Home Key, for access just by double-pressing the home button. Easy peasy!

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  1. Play secret Android games

Those clever developers at Android have hidden little ‘easter eggs’ in the operating system for users to find. These vary in different versions of Android, but all include cartoon characters and then games and interactions.

To find yours, select Settings > About Device > Software Version> Android Version. Tap on the ‘Android Version’ 4-5 times in quick succession, and yours will launch!

Tip: this works on all Android phones, so you can share on with your friends even if they’re not Samsung users.

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  1. Stretch out its battery life

As with any smartphone’s battery life, we always want more. The high capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy range means that usage drains pretty quickly.

The easiest way to stretch its life a little longer is to turn off the ‘Always On Display’ option. It’s handy to glance and check the time and notifications, sure, but it’s not often necessary. Visit Settings > Lock Screen and Security > Always On Display to toggle this options on or off. You’ll need to press a home button to then light up your screen again.

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  1. Resize your ‘widgets’

Ooh-er. Not all widgets can be resized, but most can. A long press selects them. When you move your finger, drag the blue box that appears to make it bigger or smaller to your taste. Even the Google search box can be resized to suit you better!

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  1. Work even when you wear gloves

Brrr! The Great British often means that we’re forced to cover our fingers when outside and it can be a complete pain when then trying to use your smartphone. The Galaxy phones, however, come with a built-in Glove Mode, enabling you to touch your phone in a slightly different way but it still to function.

Dependent on your phone, the navigation may vary but need to enable High Touch Sensitivity. Find this under Display or Controls.

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