The HTC One M10

The HTC One M10
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Set to be released on 12th April this year, the long awaited HTC One M10 is said to be a beautiful handset with a powerful punch. Other rumours suggest that this phone will have the best camera of any smartphone - this is a bold claim as there are various smartphones with excellent cameras currently on the market.


An All-Round Better Phone

Currently, there is much speculation as to whether the soon to be released handset will follow on as part of the ‘M’ series. Many sources say that it will be released as the HTC 10. We’ll need to wait and see! We do know that it’s said to have a better battery life than its predecessors and a sleek and stylish finish. However, for it to match up to the standards of new released from Apple and Samsung, the latest phone from HTC will set you back a bit if you buy outright as it’s estimated to be a high-range handset.

New Additions

Available in four colours, this HTC handset will retain the common metal body and slightly curved back that was featured on the M9 design. However, this time, there’s a home button and quite possibly a fingerprint sensor and even a USB-C port!

When it comes to size, rumours suggest that the HTC 10 will be slightly bigger and more pixel-dense than phones before it. With a 5.15-inch quad HD display, HTC has moved away from the 5-inch 1080p screen we've seen before. The latest leak suggests the screen will use Super LCD 5 display instead of AMOLED technology.

HTC has claimed to be making big changes with its "best BoomSound" yet. So hopefully it’s a phone that doesn’t need a speaker. Only April 12th will tell us what we want to know about the much-anticipated release of the new HTC handset, but until then, we can keep guessing.




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