Apple iPad Launch Date and More!

Apple iPad Launch Date and More!
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This month, Apple will be hosting a media event and talking about new releases. One of the releases that will be discussed will be the latest iPad. However, it’s not yet clear if this release will be an iPad Air 3 or new version of the iPad pro. We haven’t seen an iPad Air released since October 2014, so a new one is highly overdue.

Apple iPad Launch March 2016

But whatever is coming our way, it’s claimed to have a Smart Connector and a quad-speaker audio setup.

Release Date

With a rumoured release date of 21st March (the invites have already gone out), we’ll just have to wait and see what Apple brings us! It’s been suggested that Apple are establishing a completely new launch date and will continue to do so going forward. This will surely keep fans interested and eager for future releases!

But that’s not all! According to BuzzFeed, Apple will be launching a range of new products at their low key event. Many have commented, however, that they believe the release will be pushed back to October as this is the usual launch month for new iPads and other Apple products.

Find Out More

At GadgetWear, we’ll be keeping you updated on all mobile and tablet releases from Samsung to iPhone and everything in between. Check back here when you want the latest information on new products!


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