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With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 just around the corner; here at GadgetWear we’ve been busy stocking up on cases and covers.  Here’s three of the newest Galaxy S5 Covers, most are even available now!

Rock Elegant Series Leather & Polycarbonate Side Flip Case

This new design from Rock, combines both colours and textures to create an eye catching, yet functional case.

The polycarbonate rear shell keeps the back of the S5 protected from daily damage, whilst also adding grip to prevent those butter fingers moments.  The synthetic leather front cover of the case protects the screen from scrapes and scratches, thanks to the soft lining.

What makes this cover stand out from others is that there’s a cut out in the front cover, so that you can easily see any notifications or the time without having to open the flip cover.  The flip cover also works with the sleep function of the S5, so if you do open it, it’ll wake the phone.

To ensure the S5 is fully functional whilst in the case, all ports and buttons are accessible including the mic, charger and camera.  This means you don’t need to remove the cover to use the features of the phone.

Peapod Premium Series Real Leather Pouch

For people who’d prefer not to use a case, but want to keep the Galaxy S5 protected when it isn’t in use, a pouch is the best option.

You may not have heard of PeaPod yet, but they’re one of the biggest up and coming brands on the UK market. PeaPod specialise in high quality but affordable pouches and this Samsung Galaxy S5 Pouch is no exception.

Beautifully made from real leather with a soft felt inner lining; the pouch offers all round and understated protection to the S5.  Your S5 sits snugly within the pouch, whilst a pull tab folds over the top of the pouch to prevent the device from falling out.  You still have the ability to charge the S5 when it’s in the pouch too, so you can keep it protected whilst charging.

Nillkin Matte Textured Hard Shell Case

The Nillkin Matte Textured Hard Shell case is made from environmentally friendly PC materials, to give a quality appearance, without the high price tag.  The materials used do help to add additional grip to the handset, so you’re much less likely to drop the Galaxy S5 and damage it.  

As this cover only protects the back of the S5, Nillkin include a screen protector and screen cloth, so that you can keep the display free from scrapes and scratches too.  Therefore for the price of a hard shell, you have protection for the entire handset.

We’ll be getting even more Samsung Galaxy S5 cases and accessories in stock over the coming weeks. Let us know if there are any specific style you’d like to see.


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