The HTC One M8 Harman Kardon Edition (HKE)

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The HTC One M8 HKE has received somewhat mixed reviews over the standard HTC M8. I think it all depends if you are an audiophile or not. The HKE's are not cheap, but if you are already looking at a top of the range phone on offer, you will expect to pay a premium. They are also released excluisively on US network Sprint - although UK users may somehow be able to get their hands on one.

The new HTC One M8 HKE is a nice step up from the previous HTC One M8, and if you are looking at high-end phones, this is definitely a phone you should look at. It’s certainly one of the best phones in the market right now.


The design is a little different to the original HTC One M8 in that the camera is matt black as opposed to a grey-brushed aluminium surface. It also attracts skin oils very easily, so you’ll be wiping your phone more frequently than usual. Other than that, it has rose gold at the top and bottom of the phone, which I think was not the wisest choice for HTC to make. A simple brushed aluminium look would have been much better, although I see their effort in making the phone stand out from the crowd with the rose gold look. The screen is a HD 1080x1920 LCD screen that makes pictures snap and viewing a pleasure. Speaking of the screen, it has version three of the famous Corning Gorilla Glass, so it won’t break or scratch easily.


The HTC One M8 HKE sports a Harmon Kardon set of earbuds that sit comfortably in your ear as long as you pick the right size earbuds. There are three on offer, so you can even put different sizes in each ear. The sound is very good if you have a tight fit of the earbuds in your ear, with great base, midrange and highs, as you’d expect from Harmon Kardon. This is one of the major new features of this phone, and it is a delight to use, and far better that the standard earbuds that normally come with a newly purchased cellphone.


The HTC One M8 HKE comes with plenty of power, provided by a Qualcomm Snapdragon quad core processor, and battery life should easily extend to at least one day of use.


The camera has two lenses, one for the picture and one purely for depth. This means that you can alter the depth of your shot at will. The camera has 12 different filters in addition to stylised effects. It also sports moving graphics and season effects, so that for example, you can add moving autumn leaves to a picture. You can also stich pictures together quite easily.


This is one of the best phones on the market today, and is definitely worth a look. There are far more features than I have talked about.


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