Samsung Galaxy S5


The new Samsung Galaxy S5 is now out and has taken over the reigns from its older sibling, the S4, which sold in the tens of millions around the World. Will it do the same?


The phone is still plastic, unlike other phones that have come onto the market, and that is a minus, but on the plus side the plastic backing has superb “grip ability”, and one gets used to it over time. The new S5 is also said to be water resistant for those odd times when you play with your phone in the bath, or have a chat in the shower. Beware, though the bottom plug for re-charging; it is very difficult to get it back in place, but it is worth the effort (think bathroom/shower). It is also dust resistant for those times when you are stuck in the desert.

The phone also boasts a fingerprint scanner on the raised “does everything” button at the bottom of the phone. One caveat I can think of, is that finger oil might make the scanner a bit confused, so you might have to wipe it clean every so often.


The phone also has a super AMOLED high-definition 5.1 inch display which runs at 1920x1080, which is a Godsend, as the screen on this phone is utterly beautiful, with sharp contrasts and bright colours. Speaking of the screen there is an auto-brightness feature built into the phone that is too dim, even when the room is totally dark, so it is best to switch it off.

Bits & Pieces

The camera has been upgraded from 13 to 16 MP from the old S4 (it is amazing how the S4 is now spoken about as “old), and sports Wi-Fi and 4G. The operating system is KitKat 4.4.2 which is the latest Android system currently available.

Samsung have created a 24-hour mode that is entirely black & white, which I think is a complete waste of time, as you do not experience the phone for which you spent your hard-earned money. In fact, you could buy a dumb phone that does the same thing for far less.

The phone can be used with Samsung’s “Gear” wristwatch that has not by any means taken off in the marketplace. In fact, there are better phone watches out there for less cost.

The phone comes with the standard Samsung bloatware that you can thankfully switch off. I think most people will use Google Play anyway.

The phone has 2Gb RAM and a Micro USB 3.0 port and has the latest version of Samsung’s Touchwiz interface, which is decidedly cleaner than previous versions.

To buy or not to buy

Should you go and buy it? I think the answer is “yes”, although there is some competition from HTC that you might want to look at. It hits all the right notes and is an absolute pleasure to use. You simply can’t go wrong.


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