Bright and Beautiful iPhone 5C cases


The iPhone 5C is itself a bright and bold handset, with its coloured plastic shell and vivid display.  Here at GadgetWear we’ve got a wide range of iPhone 5C cases that are just as bright and beautiful as the smartphone.

Covert Suki Envelope

This envelope case adds instant glamour to any outfit; thanks to its soft leather feel and vibrant design.  The envelope design protects the iPhone from damage when it isn’t in use, but the phone is easy to access when you do want to use it… simply open the magnetic clasp of the envelope and the iPhone is held in a moulded gel interior.

Using a moulded gel interior rather than a solid holder, allows all the ports and features of the iPhone to be accessed, including the charging port and for the iPhone to easily be removed from the envelope.

Nillkin Fresh Series Cover

With the Nillkin Fresh Series Cover, you’re protecting both the front and the back of the iPhone from daily damage.  The combination of material ensures that the back, sides and corners of the iPhone 5C are kept in top condition by a hard polycarbonate shell, whilst a soft faux leather front cover stops the screen from becoming scraped or scratched.

You still have access to all the ports and buttons of the iPhone when the case is in use and the iPhone still feels thin to hold.  If anything, this cover adds grip, so you’re less likely to drop the 5C.


Rock Double Dip Rear Case

A 2 part protective case, the Double Dip Rear Case has a polycarbonate outer shell and a silicone rubber shock proof lining.  The case is designed with the iPhone 5C in mind, offering the perfect fit and top quality protection even to all the ports, which are covered when not in use.

The inner lining of this case uses a mesh pattern, in order to stop the handset from overheating, by dissipating the heat.  The case also has a raised lip around the display of the phone, so that if it’s placed face down, the display is slightly raised off the surface so therefore less likely to become damaged.

This case is perfect for adding colour and grip, whilst being the ultimate in functionality.

We’re always getting new cases in stock, so check back for more iPhone 5C covers.


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