The LG G3

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Now for your edification and delight, LG has introduced the all-new G3 phone. It sure is the business. The screen itself is a 5.5” display with a stunning 538ppi, which translates into 4 x HD. The difference between this phone screen and an HD phone is very easy to see. Colours are sharper, they stand out far better and the contrast is superb.


The phone has a 13MP camera with a World first on phones, a laser auto-focus, which does its job literally faster than the blink of an eye. The camera itself has a 2560x 1440 resolution, which should make your pics look rather good. The camera also has dual flash, and a real bonus – in the camera shot, all you have to do is tap the area you want to focus on, and the camera will take a picture of that area. Neat. There has also been a 20% reduction in camera shake over the G2, so things are improving all over the place.


The phone has an LG made keyboard that reduces mistakes by up to 75% (claimed), using something of a Swiftkey format to learn from your mistakes, so that if you repeatedly half hit the k, it will know you mean the “K” and not the “L”. Great stuff, but it has been done before, admittedly with a paid app.

Smart Notice

An application called “Smart Notice” will tell you when to wear sunscreen, and what apps you don’t use that much. You wake up the device by creating a series of “knocks” that only you will know. This means that skin oils will not betray any trails when using a swipe function to open your phone.

You can also pin your most used apps into a circular menu, so that they are at hand straight away, once you have switched the phone on. The phone also checks ambient noise levels (think nightclub) and adjusts the volume and threshold of the noise appropriately using a noise gate.

There are no buttons on the side and a nicely curved back that is easy to grip, and has a metallic finish.


For security, we have the knock code with 80,000 combinations, constant lock, that keeps your pics and videos under lock and key when lending your phone out, and kill switch, which will disable/wipe/lock your phone.

To keep all this running is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 2.5 GHz quad-core processor and a 3,000 mAh removable battery.

Can I have one please?


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