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Motorola Moto E

At 79GBP this has to be one of the cheapest smartphones on the market, if not the cheapest. It’s form factor is the same as the much praised Moto G. It’s not all that this is the thinnest smartphone around, but who cares at this price point?


The battery is not removable, but you need to open the back to get access your SIM or memory card. The phone is slightly smaller than the Moto G and 4.3” compared to 4.5”, but we have a pixel density of 256ppi. The engine powering all this goodness is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 chip, a 1.2 dual core processor that is coupled to 1GB of RAM. We also have an Adreno 302 handing the graphics.

Bits & pieces

You do get the occasional sign of lag but that is few and far between the standard good performance. The phone has the stock Android installed without any fancy bits, so this helps to keep things simple. The camera manages 11fps which is very good for a phone of this calibre. There’s just 4GB of on-board storage, but fear not, you can add a 32GB SD card via the microSD slot. The phone has Wi-Fi and GPS but that’s all.


There’s no front-facing camera but the rear sports a 5MP, and the flash that was on the Moto G is no more. The camera has an HDR mode that is on by default. The phone boats the latest 4.4 KitKat, and Motorola guarantees to upgrade the phone to the next major release of Android, which shows a lot of love for the phone from Motorola.

The Motorola Moto E comes with Motorola Migrate, Fast, Assist and an FM radio app. The phone has a 1980mAh battery, which is also non-removable. You can reasonably expect a day’s worth of usage for the phone.

Would I buy it?

I would, but the Moto G2 is coming out soon, so perhaps I will wait for that.


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