Apple Myths Debunked

Apple Myths Debunked
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Similar to the majority of successful companies, Apple is a magnet for myths and legends. The majority of these myths surface and survive simply because people don’t bother to check for facts.

Here are the top 5 Apple myths, debunked for you:

1) Apple Products Only Work With Apple Accessories

A fairly common myth is that Apple phones are only compatible with Apple accessories. Luckily for their users, this is just a myth. It’s true that Apple diverted their attention from selling individual products to selling users an “Apple experience” by releasing several products that cover various needs, however, you can easily use other branded accessories, such as headphones or chargers,  with Apple products without having to worry about compatibility issues.

2) Apple iPhone is the Most Popular Smartphone

A lot of people like and want to think that the Apple iPhone is the best selling and most popular smartphone on the market. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Although the Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have sold approximately 220 million units combined, Apple’s sales still fall short of Samsung’s by roughly 80 million units. According to 2016 reports, Apple only holds 14.4% of the smartphone market share.

3) Viruses Don’t Target MacBooks

Although this used to be a true statement in the early days of Apple, it was not because of their superior software design, but due to their lack of popularity. The Mac operating system was launched two years prior to Windows, but it wasn’t as successful. Since viruses are meant to spread between terminals, attacking MacBooks was simply not a profitable business. Today, MacBooks are indeed targeted by viruses. Switching from a Windows PC to a MacBook won’t fully protect you.

4) Jailbreak is Illegal With Apple Phones

Similar to the claim about viruses, this one is also partially true due to its history. Initially, jailbreaking an Apple iPhone was illegal. However, in 2012, the Library of Congress ruled that it was legal for someone to jailbreak their phone, including those which were branded by Apple. A further examination led to legalising the jailbreak of tablets, and even smart TVs. Do be aware though that jailbreaking voids your Apple warranty.

5) Apple Invented Apps

It’s safe to assume that just because “Apps” is similar to “Apple” it doesn’t mean that the company invented them. Nobody is holding the title as being the “inventor of apps” but according to historic data, the first apps appeared circa the 1980s, with the launch of the first PDA (personal digital assistant) - the predecessor of mobile computing. Moreover, in 2011, Apple filed a lawsuit against Amazon for launching a service similar to their iTunes service. However, the case was later dismissed in court.


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