10 Phones That Are Coming Out in 2017

10 Phones That Are Coming Out in 2017
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2017 is going to be an amazing year for smartphones. Judging by the latest rumours, the majority of smartphone brands are preparing to launch a new batch of flagships. There’s no doubt that competition will be fierce.

Here are the newest smartphones, which you need to keep a look out for in 2017:


Apple iPhone 8

2017 marks iPhone’s 10th anniversary and we’re sure that Apple has something amazing planned. According to the rumours, there are several iPhone 8 prototypes being tested at the same time but the main focus is a radical redesign and new mobile phone accessories.

Apple iPhone 8 Plus

The iPhone 8 Plus is also rumoured to have several prototypes under tests. As with previous Plus models, we’re expecting the iPhone 8 Plus to be a fairly powerful phablet. If the rumours are true, Apple is moving from LCD to OLED screens with the new generation.

Samsung Galaxy S8

March 29th marks the launch of Samsung’s latest flagship, the Galaxy S8. Judging by the images that surfaced on the Internet, the new Galaxy S8 will have an almost bezel-less front, with approximately 90% being the display.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Rumours say that the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus will have a 6.2” screen, which is 0.4” bigger than the original Galaxy S8. They’re both larger than the current generation, including the Galaxy Note 7. Let’s just hope there won’t be any battery problems.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

If you thought the Galaxy S8 was a great idea, wait til you see the Galaxy S8 Plus. The same bezel-less design, paired with a 6.2” display might turn out to be the perfect solution for your business needs.

Samsung Galaxy X

Probably the most innovative phone we’re looking forward to seeing is the Galaxy X. According to the latest rumours, it will be a foldable phone that can either be used as an 8” tablet or a 5” phone.

Xiaomi Mi6

Xiaomi is one of the fastest growing tech companies from the past decade. Thanks to their previous success with the Mi5, it’s no surprise that 2017 will bring the new Xiaomi Mi6. Our data shows that the latest flagship will have a 4K display, a giant 4000mAh battery, and a retina scanner.


LG has been struggling to keep up with the fierce competition created within the smartphone market. Hopefully, their new LG G6 model can bring something new and unexpected to the market.

HTC 11

HTC reinvented itself last year with the launch of the HTC 10. We’re expecting something similar for 2017 in terms of design, new features, and more powerful hardware. According to the latest rumours, the HTC 11 will have a 5.5” display and the latest Qualcomm CPU.

OnePlus 4

There’s no shortage of powerful smartphones on the market, but there’s definitely a shortage of affordable ones. Thanks to OnePlus’ business model, we can expect a new affordable flagship by the end of 2017.

So those were the 10 newest smartphones which will hit the stores in 2017. For more information regarding these new phone releases, please contact us today!


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