What You Need to Know About Screen Replacements

What You Need to Know About Screen Replacements
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We’ve all been there – that horrible second of shock where your heart shoots into your throat as you watch your phone hurtle toward the ground in slow motion. You pick it up and say a silent prayer, but alas, you have a smashed phone screen and no way to use it without slicing open your fingers. It’s a horrible feeling and a real inconvenience, but is often completely preventable especially with the wide range of screen protectors available.

Smashed Screen Removal

Normally a broken phone screen doesn’t actually mean a broken phone, but you will need to have your smashed screen removed and replaced. Lots of discount phone accessory shops offer screen repair, but what you may not realise is that without having a repair done through an authorised dealer (stipulated by your insurance company or phone manufacturer), you could actually invalidate your warranty and/or phone insurance. What seems a cheap deal could, unfortunately, become a costly mistake if you have other issues further down the line.

iPhone repairs can be done at any Apple store, and likewise for Samsung models in their shops – but both are expensive, and a new glass screen won’t actually make it any less likely to shatter upon impact in the future. The best way to make sure you don’t smash your screen is to protect it in the case of trips, drops and falls.

Getting the Right Screen

Smartphone screens are made up of two layers – a glass overlay and an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). Whilst you may be able to have the former dealt with by a local shop, the latter controls your touch-screen operation, which can be much more difficult to get fixed ‘on the quick’. If you find a dropped pixel, black lines across the display or a watercolour-type pattern, the LCD is damaged and will need a full replacement.

Cases and covers are available to help prevent breakages before they happen, and most of the time you won’t even notice they’re there. For a great value option, we recommend Nilkin Crystal Screen Covers, which are available for a variety of models of Google, Sony, Huawei, Motorola, LG and HTC phones.

Anti-Glare and Fuller Coverage

For fuller coverage, some screen protectors include the area around the screen too, allowing you to even colour the area in shades not available for standard purchase. The ZAGG invisible shield for iPhone gives you great protection coverage as well as a full rose gold fascia, not available in shops! And as we wrote in a previous blog, with summer just around the corner, anti-glare screen protectors make for a good investment to provide some piece of mind even in the brightest sunshine.

At, GadgetWear, we have a whole host of screen protection options for you to choose from – select your phone’s make and browse the whole range of screen protectors now!


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