The New Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 Unveiled

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The New Samsung Galaxy S4 is certainly breathtakingly amazing - will it take over the mobile phone world?

After weeks of speculation the new Samsung Galaxy S4 has been finally revealed at a swish event in New York. Expanding on the worldwide success of its predecessors, the Galaxy S4 will take the mobile phone industry to a different level. It’s amazing thinner and lighter than the other Galaxy S Series but packs in some unique technologies that will surely blow you away. 
The updated Samsung Galaxy S4 furnishes an amazing array of new features, running on the latest cutting edge technology which is Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2. Conveying the planet's first 5inch full HD Super AMOLED display using the latest the Gorilla® Glass 3 and with stunning 441pixels per inch giving you superb graphics, packed with a 13 megapixel rear camera and 2 mega pixel front camera even you can become part of the picture, due to both cameras working in unison at the same time. You can even capture the sounds when you take your photos to give you incredible memories using the Sound and Shot function. The S4 is without a doubt out of this planet!
The Samsung Galaxy S4 not only offers you all these goodies, but uses a magnificent and innovative eye control feature which allows you to control the screen using your eyes, by tilting your handset during reading, the Smart Scroll function will automatically work it’s magic. If you take your eyes off the screen when viewing a video the Smart Pause function amazingly stops playing, so you will never miss a clip again, how incredible is that?
You can video call up to two people at the same time with ChatON, share the contents of your screen to whomever you want and packed with the S Translator which provides you with accurate text-to-speech and speech-to-text translation, great if you’re off on your travels. It also comes loaded with Air View which lets you hover with your fingers to preview the context of an email, video, photo etc. without ever the need to have to open it, this combined with Air Gesture lets you accept a call, scroll and change music, by just waving your hand. The S4 not only supplies you with this intriguing touch-less technology, Samsung have introduced the Samsung Hub which is a multimedia storage facility that can be used across the range of many Samsung devices.
With so many technical features to hand, the Galaxy S4 will change the mobile phone world forever, perfect for business and pleasure, whilst being super fun and practical. This smartphone offers you endless possibilities due to its innovative features, sleek looking design and excellent durability which is sure to outstand and amaze all.
The Galaxy S4 should be released worldwide by the end of April this year. 


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